Rediscover Leather
Style experts say leather is still on trend for 2020, but integration is key. Check out these five tips to make sure you are fashion-forward!

Tip #1: Add Texture
Leather furniture trends call for a dash of contrast. Combine materials and textures for interest and appeal. Consider a fun accent chair with a bold print. Want a bang for your buck? Just add an accent throw or pillows in bold shades or luxe jewel tones.

Tip #2: Natural Touch 
Natural and organic touches are chic. Refresh your look with primitive ceramic accents, a sisal rug, or a bamboo coffee table tray. Go green with a succulent indoor plant.

Tip #3: Think Family 
When you think of your family and lifestyle today, what are the first five words that come to mind? Does your living space reflect those words? If not, it's time to freshen up that room! 

Tip #4: Soften Up  
Is your leather living room too masculine? Soften up with few easy hacks. Add mirrors or bright artwork with a gold frame. Re-anchor the space with a light-colored rug. Find window treatments that allow as much natural light as possible. And it might be time to consider a light, airy shade for those walls.

Tip #5: Avoid The Cliches
Man Caves are evolving to defy the cliches. Once boisterous, and a bit claustrophobic, they're trending toward suave sophistication. Lighting and sound are better planned, memorabilia has a more curated vibe, and entertainment spaces are for socializing. What hasn't changed? Leather furniture is still the hands-down choice!