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Everyday Entertaining

Tip #1: Minimize Clutter

Keep it simple! Nobody minds if you have some clutter in your mudroom. Focus on keeping your common entertainment space tidy daily, and don't sweat the rest.

Tip #2: Daily Cleanup

Make it a habit to put away dirty dishes before bed and make your bed immediately when you wake up. And voila, your home will always appear clean, even if there is a little dust on the baseboards.

Tip #3: Snack Readiness

Always have a bottle of wine and refreshments as well as a frozen pizza on hand. Cut it into bite-sized pieces, and they're a delicious hors d'oeuvre! Quick, easy, and always a crowd-pleaser!

Tip #4: Game ON! 

Keep some guaranteed fun and easy games on your living room shelf. 

Tip #5: Helping Hands

Let your guests help out! They want you to be relaxed and have fun too. Plus, who couldn't use a little help occasionally? 



You don't have to be an event planner to entertain! Live by these simple tricks and always be ready for a fun evening with family and friends, no matter when they stop by! Live, relax, and ENTERTAIN!