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Game Day

Big games mean big fun! Whether your guests are nestled into recliners, sprawled on sofas and ottomans, or kicking back in theater seating, comfort and ease rule the day. 

A little pregame planning can make your party awesome. Here are some tips:

  • Numbers matter. Make sure you have seating for every person you invite.
  • Decorate with team colors. Encourage guests to dress accordingly.
  • Think hospitality. Make sure your guests know where to leave their coats, and which bathroom(s) they are to use. (If it’s a large party with guests who have never been to your home, post friendly signs.)
  • Clear the way. Remove small breakables as well as unrelated items such as magazine and plant stands. That will make your room look more spacious, and allow for extra seating. 
  • Serve smart. Make sure every seated guest has easy access to a coffee table, side table, or end table. Provide ample cocktail napkins and coasters.
  • Think big. Whether you serve on your buffet, kitchen table, dining table, kitchen island, or sideboard, leave plenty of space for dishes your guests may bring to share.
  • Keep it neat. Make trash and recycling bins easily accessible. Know in advance that spills happen. Have paper towels, mop, broom and dustpan hidden, but handy. 
  • Set up a sanctuary. Give tag-along non-sports fans a cozy conversation spot out of earshot from the T.V. 
  • Don’t forget halftime. Have a hot dish ready to come out of the oven mid game, and make your porch or patio inviting for those who want to smoke or enjoy some fresh air during the break.
  • Be responsible. If you serve alcohol, limit underage guests to soft drinks, and don’t let anyone drive home if they’ve had too much.

Whether you’re thinking Superbowl, College Bowls, or March Madness, we offer a wonderful selection of furniture that will make every seat the best seat in the house. Come in and see for yourself.

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